Established in 1973, PMN Biscuit and confectionery industries has transformed from a homemade cookies producer to become one of the more established biscuit and confectionery manufacturer in Malaysia. Our director Mr Soh has come a long way in building the company. With its quality and choices of biscuits and confectionery, PMN Biscuit become one of the Malaysia favorites.

PMN Biscuit manufactured using latest technology imported from Japan and Taiwan. It’s foods are processed and packed using fully automated machine where it stresses high in importance on its product quality and hygiene. With its quality products and excellent marketing and distribution network, PMN Biscuit has reach to countries throughout Malaysia, Brunei, UK, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Arab, Fiji Island and Mauritius.
Company No. – 199301008928 (263665-D)

PMN Biscuit with its extension and experience in biscuits and confectionery business, is committed to bring to its customers a wide range of quality products.